Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory

Our mission is to establish “Design based on user perspectives” by studying the relationship between us (users/consumers/workers/other actors) and social/artificial systems to enhance the quality of daily and working life and promote well-being.



UX/UI Design (user experience & interface)

  1. Service & System Design to Improve User Experience
  2. System Design to Support Daily Activities for Elderly and Disabled People
  3. Customer Experience (CX) Management for Service Industries

Human-Centered Design of Systems, Products, and Production Processes

  1. Work & Product Design for Safety and Productivity
  2. Evidence-based Product Design and Operation Improvement
  3. Short-term Improvement and Long-term Safety of Workers

Interface Design and Usability

  1. Effectiveness of Banner Ads on Websites
  2. To Estimate the Buying Intention of Consumers
  3. Eye Tracking for Improved Safety in Automobile Operation
  4. Making Web Animation Content Safer for Users

Consumer Engagement and Loyalty

  1. Understanding Consumer Behavior in Food Services
  2. Establishing Better Service with High Integrity for Diverse Consumers
  3. Business Models of the Sextiary Industry in Asia